Monday, February 6, 2012

Home and Processing

We are home; life goes on.  Our prayer is that we do not bury what we have learned, but allow God to use it here in the States; that amidst the hustle and bustle, we are able to hear what He wants us to hear/learn.  We pray we don't forget the people and missionaries of Togo.  They have become an integral part of who we are and we pray that we don't lose that! 

To leave off where my last blog ended, we got home safely from Mango, Togo.  While in Mango, we were blessed to meet the ABWE (Association of Baptist Evangelism) team there.  All I can say is WOW! what a committed, amazing group of people, on fire to reach the Muslim people of this area. This is where the DeKryger family (see picture near bottom of this blog) will be moving at the end of this year.  Their prayer is that the Hospital will be up and running in 2013, please pray for this.  Also, pray that they will strike water on the site there!!!

We taught 2 youth groups the mime.  They were incredibly speedy learners, we had a day blocked out, and it only took until 1pm that day (and that included lunch-sauce and rice).  They are going to take it and put it on at a National Youth Conference.  

What was learned in Togo:

Grace- We don't need all our "stuff"

Luke-We are blessed with so much, and we take it for granted.

Isaac-That God works in mysterious ways.

Gabrielle-If you rely on God He will come through for you!

Lydia-I've learned the true definition of the word "need" and the distinction between "necessity" and "commodity" as I so often used to use them interchangeably without being fully aware of what I was doing.  We are so blessed with excess in this country and don't even know that's what it is. excess.

Below is a smattering of pictures from our trip.  It was a life-changing time!  Words cannot express enough, the gratitude we have to all of you who supported us with your prayers, your words,  your finances, your donations!  I pray, that what we cannot say with words, might be said, a bit, with pictures.  Know, that the gospel was spoken (often multiple times) at each of the places you see here and we saw people come to Christ.  We know that God's Word is alive and we saw Him work and change lives.  We were/are humbled to be a part of this.  Thank you for being a part of it!  
Adam was kept busy in the OR! Here, Todd Dekryger assists him as he removes a 15# fibroid!
1 of our first pictures.  A young girl selling water (in bags) at our van window
A C-section of twins that the girls and I were blessed to witness Adam do!

I was introducing our Grace to a Gracee that I had met in a village. 
Grace and Luke teaching the Hokey Pokey!
One of my FAVORITE pictures. Pure JOY! Grace was so wonderful about interacting with the children.  She learned early on that not knowing the language did not stop her from communicating with kids.  She just had to be a bit more creative!  

A common sight, on roads that we would call impassable, with 10 (and that was a comfortable number) people crammed inside.  This was picture was taken at the Ghana border as we were heading to the airport to leave.

The Chief of  Danyi-Dzogbegan, a village we did a VBS in.  He invited us all into his home, sat us all down and told us he was very excited about what we were going to do in his village and that his "men" were going to help us with crowd control.  He spoke excellent English.  This was a God send, because there were so few of us (especially those that knew the Ewe language).  What a great few days in this village.
This precious little 1 slept on Gabrielle's lap for 3 hours.  This was a LONG day for these little ones.  It was 8 at night, and we had begun at 1pm. Oh, you can see it in their eyes can't you?  This evening ended with a film,  a skit-put on by the village's church and an altar call by the pastor;  many came forward.

The water Hydraid filters finally complete after a full day of learning how to clean, put together and fill them.  Josephus Haille from GhanaSafeWater came over to instruct the Community Health Evangelism team how to do all this and we just got to tag along.  If you want to hear the entire God story behind these, call me.

Christmas Eve.  In the L'Eglise de Baptiste Biblique in Tsiko (where we were).  We got there at about 8:15 and left at 10:30.  It went another 3 hours! We could probably learn a thing or two about what praising our Lord really looks like!  Notice the winter hats on these babies?  It was about 80 degrees in that church, although there was a bit of a breeze blowing through! 

Grace's Birthday meal-Agouti, a large rodent.  Ok, well we did have an alternate choice for her!

We washed a few feet in the hospital and polished their toenails.  These women were relishing it!  As we washed, Agate, one of the hospital's female evangelists, shared the gospel in their tribal language!! 
Tough feet!!  We are talking women who, walk miles and miles to get water, pick crops, slash brush, all while carrying their babies on their backs!  Oh right, and all in bare feet!!  OH IF THESE FEET COULD TELL STORIES!
An installed filter and a couple of the families that will be using it.  To make a long story short, the reason these filters were installed is because this village had been crying out to God to provide them with clean water.

Teaching 2 other youth groups the Salvation Mime

Todd & Jennifer DeKryger and their boys, William, Grant, Luke and Andrew.  Wow, what a family and what a ministry they have.  They were/are truly an inspiration to us. 
Christmas Day in Tsiko, Togo, Performing the Mime in the Infectious Disease Ward

Another one of my favorites!  Indicative of the beauty we saw in the literal fabric and the people of Togo


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