Friday, December 23, 2011

We DID make it! Hit the ground running.

I don't have time to write much, we are off in 15 minutes to a remote village to help with a Bible School.  The kids plus a couple of the Dekryger kids are going to be doing a mime, and we will be helping with crowd control.
 Lydia, Gabrielle and myself will sleep in that village along with the local missionary in this village-no elec. , no running water.  The other 3 will be going back to a bigger town to sleep in a missionary's home.

Adam is working VERY hard, they had the patients lined up, his first case was the night we arrived.  We came and he went to do his first surgical case. (this was after traveling for 2 days and 2 nights).  He was exhausted!  Yet, he was up and gone before the rest of us woke.

More later, wanted to let you know we are here, our accomadations are great.

We ask for continued health and strength.  It is extremely hot here, and it has taken a bit for our bodies to adjust.

Blessings, The Blickleys


  1. Glad to hear from you! We're praying that God renews your physical strength, and that God continues to give you the spiritual strength to be able to show His love for the people that you're working with.
    We love you and are thankful that you can experience this together as a family.

    Mom and Dad Blickley

  2. Wonderful to hear that you all arrived safe & sound.

    Hard to imagine Adam plunging in like that after traveling!

    We look forward to more blogs.

    Lane & Barb

  3. Been thinking about your family this week and praying for you all as you adjust to a new culture, new food, new people, "new" medical supplies, etc. Trusting God gives you all joy, peace, and strength this Christmas weekend!

  4. So lovely to see the posting. Prayers for continued health, adjustment to the heat, rest for Adam. Also happy Christmas Eve!! Skyping in minutes with the Hotlantians and that new precious Elijah baby :-)
    love you all,
    San and Mark

  5. The family met at Dan & Jens for Christmas Eve, and everyone sends you their love and prayers.
    Mom & Dad